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The special formula of the Ultra Quick Clumping cat litter with natural bicarbonate neutralizes odors and prevents the spread of bacteria. It’s made with some of the best bentonite in the world and it clumps up very quickly into compact balls, making it very easy to use every day.

«Ultra Quick Clumping cat litter is the most popular cat litter among cat owners in different markets. It does what cat litter should do: clumping, absorption, doesn’t stick to litter tray bottom»

Ultra-fast absorption
& Anti-odor​

No more bad odors

The Ultra Quick Clumping cat litter retains liquids perfectly and is 100% natural. The natural presence of bicarbonate increases its effectiveness: odors are neutralized and the spread of bacteria is stopped – Your environment is preserved and remains healthy. It is suitable for both kittens and adult cats.

Dust free,
does not stick to paws

A powerful, healthy
& ultra convenient Cat litter

The Ultra Quick Clumping cat litter is anti-static and 99.70% dust free, it keeps your
home clean and does not stick to your pet’s paws and fur. It allows an exceptional
comfort of use, so your home is always healthy ! Virtually dust-free, it also respects your health and your pet’s health.

clumping :
300% !

Instant absorption

The incredible absorption and instantaneous strength of the Carbon Ultra Odor Seal cat litter and its small particles ensure a compact surface clumping that is much less likely to stain the litter tray and does not stick to the bottom.

Low cost
& Long
lasting use

& economical

Because of its efficiency, Ultra Quick Clumping cat litter lasts much longer than a classic cat litter : a 12 kg bag absorbs 300% of its weight, i.e. 36 kg ! No need to empty the entire tray, just pick up the soiled areas, Ultra Quick Clumping cat litter allows you to save a lot of money.

Product currently available in bag of 12 litters


What is...Bentonite ?

Bentonite is a clay composed of a porous mineral (clay of bentonite). It is a laminar clay resulting from the aging of volcanic ash. On contact with urine, the litter softens, and small clusters are formed : the agglomeration.

The strength and speed of the litter agglomeration depends only on the quality of the raw material used. Rigorously selected from the plains of Inner Mongolia, Bentonite To Be Loved® cat litter, compared to others Bentonite in the world, with exceptional absorption power, whether in terms of smell or terms of liquid with a very strong agglomeration.

Thus, only the litter clumps are removed, and there is a lot easier to remove them. Bentonite To Be Loved® litter, therefore, saves a non-negligible amount of unclean bedding as the unsoiled pellets remain in the litter box or toilet and add a small amount of litter little by little to make the complement.

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